Walking into things

Awkward moment of the day: When you walk into a door frame really hard and you realize that you don’t actually know the dimensions of your own body.

I had thought that in my 27 years of life, I had a grasp on the shape of my own body to the point where I wouldn’t walk into as many things. It turns out that I’m not so lucky. You might think that if I was to get injured at a volleyball game, it might be during the game. You’d be wrong to think that. I went into the ladies room before the game, and I walked into the bathroom stall door frame so hard that not only did it bruise my arm, it cut it open. Sunday’s experience wasn’t my first encounter with this problem. I worked in a restaurant for 4 and a half years. In that time, I constantly had bruises on my arms and legs from walking into the tables as well as the coat hangers along the walls.

I’m leaning towards the theory that I have some sort of inner ear problem. That sounds more legit than “I’m an idiot that can ‘t navigate through doors”


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