Giving Fashion Advice

279031_10100120893865725_1727794530_o (2)I need some help from my fellow fashion enthusiasts.

I frequent a coffee shop in the Edmonton, AB area. There is a young woman that I see in this shop a few times a week. In the dozens of times that I have seen this young woman, I have never seen her wearing anything but the same pair of jeans, the same purple hoodie, the same pair of sneakers and her BEAUTIFUL auburn hair pulled messily into a pony tail.

The dilemma that I’m facing is in whether or not I should say something to this woman. She is someone that I don’t know. I don’t feel that it’s my place to say anything about her personal fashion choices. On the other hand, I learned about fashion sense through the kindness of other girls who felt the need to tell me some basic rules of thumb.

If you were in my place, what would you do?


2 responses to “Giving Fashion Advice

  1. I wouldn’t say anything. People are more aware than you think. It’s like walking up to someone who is bigger than you asking them if they need help losing weight because you feel you’re better at it than them.

  2. Thanks for your feedback!
    My biggest concern in this subject is how receptive someone might be to this kind of criticism. Many people would take it badly, making me come across as catty (which is of course, not my intention at all). When I was in my youth, I was completely oblivious to how I was presenting myself to the world. Some girls took it upon themselves to teach me the ropes.
    I do think you’re right. I will leave this one alone. If one of her close friends finds the need to say something, hopefully she will be open to the idea. But it’s not the place of a complete stranger to bring it up.


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