The Office Temptation

ImageWe have all been there. It’s 2:00pm, you’re in need of a sugar fix and you walk past a coworker’s desk to see some rather elegant looking almonds draped in velvety chocolate. You sneak one, then another one. Before you know it, you’ve had half a box of chocolate in one afternoon. My office is plagued with treats and goodies everywhere. And what’s worse, is that my desk is in a central location. I’m constantly the victim of someone saying “I’ll just leave these here so people can grab one”. 

Now that I find myself on a quest to be healthier and fitter, I need to resist all my urges to indulge in the constant supply of sweet treats. I find this to be the most challenging part of my new routine so far. I need a deterrent from the bad snacks. Maybe a sign that reads “leave them alone fatty” or someone to follow me around with a tuba. I think that would do the demoralizing trick. 

Note to self: Stay on track! 




2 responses to “The Office Temptation

    • I agree that it makes it easier to avoid when you know how bad it really is. But still tempting when you stare at it all day long. 🙂

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