Administrative Professional’s Day

Is it just me, or is Administrative Professional’s Day a really terrible idea? To people who don’t work admin jobs, they think it’s a nice way to acknowledge the hard work that the admin staff do for them every day. 

As someone who actually works in an administrative position, I feel like it’s a demeaning day where my boss gets to draw attention to the fact that I do tons of work for them for very little money. I am one of those poor saps of this generation that is over-qualified and under-payed. I have a degree in science and I speak three languages. With that being said, I hate being someone’s assistant. I should be making about $10,000 more per year than I currently am and doing something that I am passionate about. Instead, I suck it up every day and come to work with a smile on my face and pretend that being the office babysitter doesn’t bother me. 

I get that Administrative Professional’s Day is supposed to “celebrate” what I do. I personally find it to be a day (or week) of people reminding me that I’m somewhere I don’t belong. If you are an admin worker that loves their job, I admire you. 

I would also like the employers of the world to stop thinking that flowers make up for underpaying your admin staff. They don’t. If you want to show me how much I mean to you, give me a raise! At the very least, give me a day off. I spend all of my time making your life easier, maybe help to make mine easier too. 


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