Curls 101: Getting the Natural Curls You’ve Always Wanted


I feel I should preface this post by saying that poker straight hair may not take to these techniques.  You may have no choice but to resort to hot rollers or the dreaded curling iron.  I have some natural waves in my hair and I get great curls every day. I would like to hear from anyone with straight hair who tries this.  Please let me know how it works! 

1. Don’t brush your hair
Ever.  Seriously. Especially not when you’re fresh from the shower.  I’ve given up my hair brush completely.  It saves on damaging the ends and your curls will thank you! To de-tangle, I will run my fingers through my hair in the shower while it’s full of conditioner.  When it comes to curly hair, this means all of the hair that you shed on a daily basis will come out in the shower.  Mind your drains!

2. Choose your products wisely
Everyone has a favorite curling product.  Many professionals will use the tried and tested Re-coil by AG. While this is good, it has its flaws. Too little, it doesn’t seem to work.  Too much, and you’re stuck with ramen noodles on your head.  This is why I like to use Devacurl. They have a wide range of products for different kinds of curly hair and no matter how much you put in, you come out with soft, bouncy curls.  No crunchy bits here. 

3. Apply product to wet hair. 
Every bottle of curling gel that I’ve read has told me to apply the product to damp hair.  I beg to differ.  If you put your product in wet hair, it will have a better chance to dissolve in your hair, distribute evenly and become activated.  When I come out of the shower, I towel my hair just enough that it’s not dipping wet.  Put in the product and scrunch scrunch scrunch! 

4. Scrunch scrunch scrunch!
Really work that into your hair.  Scrunch the hair to start giving it the shape you want.  I suggest flipping it upside down.  With your hair dryer on medium (at most), dry your hair in a round motion as you keep scrunching! It will take a bit longer, but trust me, you’ll be happy.  Once it’s dry, a touch of hairspray and one last scrunch should do the trick.  Flip it back over and arrange the curls how you like them!

I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me. 


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